Friday, 19 December 2008

The Challenge of the Challenge

The Great Challenge!

Today, at the beginning of the third millennium,
the discussions in the software world are about the new forms of the old things.

My project is about a fundamental invention in the informational models area – the Informational Individual. This is the informational entity that can virtually model any problem of the informational space.

My project comes with key notions and terms:
The Informational Individual;
The Universal Programming Language of the Informational Space;
The Methodology of Analysis and Design;
The Individual-Oriented Programming;
The Software Employee;
The Universal Informational Seed;
The Universal Network of the Informational Individuals;
The Informational Society.
All these – into subtle relationships – are about a new kind of thinking in informational architectures and computer science, from now forever.

The Informational Individual is a special structure with a special functionality – completely described in the core project. This is an integrated informational entity by concept. While the Human Individual is the final frontier of the biological entities, the Informational Individual is the final frontier of the informational entities.
Some explanations: Any organization is best described as a network of activities, rather than a unique black box. In my project vision, a company is not a monolithic unit. It is a sum of activities in non-hierarchical relationships. Each informational system of an activity can be modeled into an informational individual, using the Universal Programming Language of the Informational Space! A company becomes a network of informational individuals – InfoIndNet – without RDBMS, SQL, Data-Center.
All informational systems for all these activities are different, but every informational system can be modeled into a unique informational entity – the Informational Individual!
My project is a complete applicative software system for people, companies or organizations of any kind (industry, banks, health, office, government, defense) and any dimensions (very small, small, middle, big or very big).

In reference to all kind of problems, discussions, and approaches about: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems, Expert Systems, Software Agents, Far Side, Extreme Computing, Decision-Making, and Software Architectures of any kind, there is a unique way ahead: The Informational individual! We can talk about intelligent behavior only beyond a maximal predictable behavior and a very power accumulation of information into a clear delimited entity! I talk about the Informational Individual!

My Project means: a very power alternative vision to the current software model;
a new conceptual approach in software, on a new model – inspired from the real world;
the end of the world software supremacy for a country or a group of companies!
By using the Informational Individual technology I expect a dramatic decrease of the cost and a dramatic increase of the efficiency at all levels and scopes.

The Informational Individual opens a new universe! This is limited only of our thinking, of our imagination, of our intuition. There is no limit!

My project is not a technical or financial challenge. But it is a great intellectual challenge!

The Software Employee

The Software Employee